Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Hallway due to Heavy Rainstorm

This photo was taken after a heavy rainstorm had flooded the hallway of this home in Mill Valley, CA. When our technician arrived on scene within 2 hours, they ... READ MORE

Flooded Garage Due to Heavy Rainstorm

This water loss was a result of a heavy rainstorm that left this garage flooded.  Fortunately, the rain water went straight into the floor drainage after e... READ MORE

Flooded Gym Locker Room in San Rafel, CA

The before and after photos shown is a flooded locker room that was affected by a heavy rainstorm.  This job turned out to be a big loss since other a... READ MORE

Flooded School Gym in San Rafael, CA

These photos were taken after heavy rains had flooded this school gym in San Rafael.  When our crew arrived at the scene, they also found the boys and girl... READ MORE

Flooded Locker Room due to Heavy Rainstorm

This flooded locker room in San Rafael, CA was the result of a heavy rainstorm. When our crew arrived at the scene they found the boys and girl's bathroom ... READ MORE

Flooded Crawlspace due to Heavy Rainfall

This flooded crawlspace in Albany, CA was a result of heavy rainfall.  Crawlspace is typically a difficult and intensive process. Due to excessive rain, th... READ MORE